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Your Corporate Party Planning Checklist

Having a good corporate party is a great way to show appreciation to your employees and give everyone a chance to relax. Here is a checklist to make planning your next corporate holiday party easier and to make the event more successful.

Set the Date and Send Save the Date Notices

The earlier you set the date for the party the better. It is important to plan the date well in advance so that everything else can be planned around this date. The holidays tend to be a very busy time for most and planning the date well in advance will ensure that all or most of your employees and guests will be able to make it.

Send notices. Don’t just advertise the party in a company memo that is rarely fully read. Along with the notices, invite families. Inviting your employee’s families ensures that your employees will be able to spend additional time with their families during the holiday season, which is very important for many.

Plan a Budget

Holiday parties can be expensive and the costs can add up more quickly than you would think. You’re basic budget will include: food, venue, decorations (if party is hosted in the office), alcohol, and miscellaneous supplies.

It is important to budget reasonably, especially if the company does not allocate bonuses during the year. If too much money is spent on the party, many employees may take it the wrong way and think that the money could have been better spent in other areas.

Decide on an Appropriate Venue

Choosing a venue depends on the size and type of party you are having. If you plan on having the event in the office, make sure that you set up decorations and provide enough food to compensate for the lack of a special location.

Hosting a holiday party outside of the office can be great and it can be nice to see your co-workers or employees in a different light however, it will generally be more costly. The key is to make the event special and to have the guest interpret it as a reward, not an obligation.

Pick a Menu and Reserve With Your Suppliers

Plan a relatively large and diverse menu. Having a large menu with a variety of choices will ensure that guests with special dietary needs will be accommodated. Also, ensure that you provide enough food/beverages throughout the event. There is nothing worse than not having enough food for everyone.

It is important to ensure that the suppliers for your party are available to do the task when you need them to. The holiday season is a very busy time and most suppliers will be very busy, so it is important to make reservations well in advance.

Set a Theme and Plan Activities

Choosing a theme will make the overall planning process easier, as there are particular foods, activities, and locations associated with every theme. It is important to consider the diversity of the employees and guests of the party. In other words, don’t set a theme that relates to a specific holiday.

Do not plan the typical cliché icebreaker activities that everyone dreads. Keep things simple. One good idea is interactive catering action stations. These are a great way to keep people moving, entertained, and can be a great conversation starter.

Having a well-planned and memorable corporate holiday event party is a great way to show appreciation to your employees. Start planning early to ensure that you get the most out of the event! Looking to plan your next company holiday party? Ask about our corporate event and catering packages!

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