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Selecting Your Wedding Party

Your wedding day is one of the most awaited and memorable days of your life. Where we have a lot of plans for each and every event at the wedding, it is equally important to look for someone who will help you and stand by you in making your day perfect. How to choose someone you will be dependent on is a daunting task and requires proper planning. The decision is totally yours, but below are some tips which you can consider to make an easy and wise decision.

The very first step is to decide about the people to whom you will give your responsibility. Undoubtedly, your first choice for a bridesmaid or groomsmen needs to be your siblings who are closest to your heart. They would be the happiest people around you so they will ensure that everything is up to the mark. They would also have an emotional connection with you and so they would be best suited for the role. Apart from your siblings, your closest of friends can also become your support for your big day. The most important thing is to remember to choose people on you can count on.

It is equally important to consider the number of people that will accompany you. Typically there are four on either side, but it depends on your wedding size and the number of guests. What matters the most is the quality of people you choose. Don’t think about the quantity. Choose someone who is reliable. However, don't forget to consider people’s emotions while choosing your wedding party. If you cannot depend on someone to be your bridesmaid or best man, entrust small responsibilities to them so that they could also be a part of wedding. In this way they would feel connected and also special.

There are a number of titles which you can assign to your wedding party like ‘The Bride of Honor’ who is more likely to be Bride’s sister, ‘The Groom’s Best Man’ who could be groom’s brother or his closest of friend’, ‘flower girl’ and ‘ring bearer’ etc. Each has its own roles and responsibilities. Choose wisely who will be the best choice for these roles and who can do all the "toing" and "froming" from the day of planning till the final wedding day.

At last you must also think about the gifts that you would give to your wedding party in order to make them feel special and to thank them for all their support. Some of the gift choices could be jewelry, flasks, key chains etc. that would serve as a memento for a lifetime.

Go through the infographic guide below from the Commins and Company to have a closer look at the tips of Selecting your Wedding Party. It will help you make a right decision, ensuring your big day is perfect and memorable. Good Luck and Have a Great Wedding!


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