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Planning a Bridal Shower

As the wedding season is in full swing, I am sure that you must be planning something special for the beautiful bride to creating lasting memories with her, and to shower her with lots of love and blessings from the loved ones ahead of her big day. Hosting a Bridal Shower requires proper planning and preparations. From choosing a proper date, time, and venue for the bridal shower to arranging for decoration and food to returning bridal shower favors, everything will involve good decision making.

The first thing for throwing a bridal shower is to plan for a proper date, time and venue as per the convenience and availability of guests. Assign roles and responsibilities to everyone. Choose a date which is best suited for the bride as well as guests.

The other important element of a Bridal Shower is deciding about the host. The tradition is that the shower is organized by the bride’s mother or some close relatives. But times have changed now and anybody can host a bridal shower.

Next and the most important thing is to consider the budget. While deciding this, keep the bride involved as she might have something in her mind for her special day. If the event is a surprise for the bride then involve someone very close to her for deciding the arrangements. Make them simple and classy with a minimum spend.

Deciding a theme is another important task for a bridal shower. Choose a theme which is trending and evergreen like floral theme, all white themes etc. to name a few.

Food also plays an important role to wow the guests. Decide on the menu for lunch, brunch or dinner based on the number of guests and the time of bridal shower. No matter what meal you select, it should be comfortable for the guest to eat it. Don’t forget to include beverages and desserts.

Lastly decide about the bridal shower gifts for guests who have graced the occasion by their presence. Some ideas could be wine glasses or key chains etc.

Read the infographic guide below from Commins & Co. to get a perfect picture of hosting a Bridal Shower. It also provides insights about the new trends today for planning a Bridal Shower.


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