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47 Office Christmas Party Ideas and Games for Work: A Festive Guide to Celebrating the Season


The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the much-anticipated office Christmas party. It's the time of year when colleagues gather to celebrate the achievements of the past year, share laughter, and create lasting memories. To make your office Christmas party truly memorable, we've curated a list of 47 festive ideas and games that are sure to bring joy and camaraderie to your workplace. Whether you're planning a small team gathering or a grand corporate celebration, these office Xmas party ideas and games will add a touch of merriment to your festivities.

47 Office Christmas Party Ideas & Games for Work

Get ready to infuse festive cheer into your office Christmas party with our curated list of 47 dazzling Xmas party ideas and games. From classic holiday traditions to unique twists on office merriment, this compilation guarantees a jolly good time for colleagues. Transform your workspace into a winter wonderland with themed decorations and interactive activities. Spice up the celebration with creative Secret Santa exchanges or engage in spirited team-building competitions. Whether it's a festive costume contest, holiday trivia, or a DIY ornament station, these ideas cater to diverse preferences. Elevate your office Christmas party into a memorable event that fosters camaraderie and leaves everyone with a heart full of holiday joy.

1. Ugly Sweater Contest

Ugly Sweater Contest! Dive into the festive fun and encourage your colleagues to unleash their holiday creativity. The office transforms into a winter wonderland as participants don their most outrageous and festive sweaters, competing for the coveted title of the ugliest (and most creative) sweater. Whether it's adorned with blinking lights, jingling bells, or festive flair, every sweater tells a story. The excitement peaks as a panel of judges or the entire office votes, spreading joy and laughter. Embrace the holiday spirit, spark some friendly competition, and make your workplace a merry and bright haven.

2. Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Experience the joy of giving with our Secret Santa Gift Exchange! Elevate the festive spirit at your office Christmas party by organizing this delightful tradition. Set a budget to keep the excitement accessible for everyone, and watch as the magic unfolds. Each participant draws a colleague's name from a hat, turning the office into a hub of secret gift plotting. The anticipation builds as coworkers become clandestine Santas, weaving a tapestry of surprise and generosity. It's the perfect way to foster camaraderie and spread holiday cheer. Unleash the spirit of giving, create lasting memories, and make this Christmas one to remember with our Secret Santa Gift Exchange!

3. Christmas Movie Marathon

Transform your workspace into a festive cinema with a Christmas Movie Marathon! Set the stage for holiday cheer by adorning your office with blankets, pillows, and the delicious aroma of popcorn. Invite colleagues to participate and let the joyous voting begin as everyone selects their favorite holiday films. This heartwarming event is the perfect way to foster team spirit, spread seasonal joy, and create lasting memories as you indulge in a lineup of beloved Christmas classics. Get ready for a merry movie night that brings your team closer together!

4. DIY Ornament Decorating Station

Create a festive atmosphere with our DIY Ornament Decorating Station. Elevate your holiday celebrations by setting up a crafting haven stocked with plain ornaments, vibrant paints, sparkling glitter, and an array of delightful decorations. Encourage colleagues to channel their inner artists, designing one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments. These personalized treasures not only add a touch of individuality to your decorations but also serve as cherished keepsakes, preserving the spirit of the festive season in a uniquely crafted way. Let the creativity flow and make this holiday season truly special!

5. Holiday Trivia

Get into the festive spirit with our Holiday Trivia game! Challenge your colleagues' seasonal savvy as you delve into questions about cherished traditions, classic movies, and jolly tunes. Transform your office into a battleground of wits by dividing into teams and competing to answer the most holiday-themed questions. Add an extra dash of merriment by incorporating a festive twist to keep the atmosphere light and entertaining. Unleash the joy of friendly competition and celebrate the holidays with laughter, camaraderie, and a bit of brainy cheer!

6. Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Unleash the festive creativity within your team with a Gingerbread House Decorating Contest! This lively event invites colleagues to channel their inner architects as they transform gingerbread kits into delicious masterpieces. With an array of colorful candies and icing for decoration, participants can showcase their holiday spirit and craftsmanship. Judges will evaluate entries based on creativity, ensuring a fun-filled competition that brings the joy of the season to your workplace. Host this delightful contest and watch as your colleagues create sweet memories together.

7. Christmas Karaoke

Unleash the holiday cheer with Christmas Karaoke! Elevate your office festivities by setting up a karaoke machine, inviting colleagues to showcase their vocal prowess. Transform your workspace into a musical winter wonderland as festive classics fill the air. From jolly jingles to heartwarming carols, create unforgettable moments of merriment with a Christmas karaoke session that adds a harmonious touch to your seasonal celebrations. Let the joyous sounds of the season bring everyone together!

8. Holiday Potluck Lunch

Celebrate the season with a festive twist at our Holiday Potluck Lunch! Embrace the spirit of community by inviting colleagues to contribute their favorite holiday dishes. From savory classics to sweet treats, our potluck promises a diverse spread of seasonal delights. Join us in sharing delicious moments and creating lasting memories as we come together to savor the joy of the holidays.

9. Santa's Workshop Photo Booth

Transform your office into a festive wonderland with the Santa's Workshop Photo Booth! Decked out with merry props and enchanting backdrops, this photo booth brings the magic of the season to life. Colleagues can snap up cherished memories, capturing the holiday spirit in a jolly setting. Spread joy and laughter with this whimsical addition, creating a merry atmosphere that will be remembered long after the festivities end.

10. Stocking Surprise

Stocking Surprise adds a touch of magic to your office festivities! Elevate your holiday celebration by distributing stockings to colleagues, each filled with small, thoughtful gifts chosen with care. The anticipation builds as everyone opens their surprise stockings during the party, creating joyous moments and fostering a sense of generosity. Make your workplace celebrations memorable with this delightful tradition that brings the spirit of giving to the heart of your team's holiday cheer.

11. Holiday Bingo

Get into the festive spirit with Holiday Bingo! Craft a personalized holiday-themed bingo game filled with squares showcasing festive traditions, iconic movie quotes, and seasonal activities. Whether you're hosting a cozy family gathering or an office Christmas party, Bingo is the perfect game to bring everyone together. Embrace the joy of the season as you mark off spaces and share laughs with friends and family. Happy holidays and happy bingo-ing!

12. White Elephant Gift Exchange

Spice up your gift-giving tradition with a White Elephant Gift Exchange! Injecting hilarity into the festivities, participants bring wrapped quirky and amusing gifts, creating an atmosphere of suspense and laughter. The game unfolds as each person selects a gift or strategically "steals" one from a colleague, adding an unpredictable twist to the exchange. It's the perfect way to infuse your holiday gathering with joy, surprises, and a touch of playful competition.

13. Christmas Carol Charades

Get into the holiday spirit with Christmas Carol Charades! This festive twist on the classic game combines the joy of charades with the magic of Christmas carols. Act out iconic holiday tunes as colleagues compete to guess the song from your pantomimed clues. It's a fun and festive way to celebrate the season, bringing laughter and cheer to your holiday gatherings. Get ready for a jolly good time with Christmas Carol Charades!

14. Festive Costume Contest

Embrace the holiday spirit with our Festive Costume Contest! Elevate your office Xmas party by encouraging participants to don their jolliest attire—be it Santa suits, elf outfits, or beloved holiday characters. This delightful activity complements the traditional ugly sweater contest, injecting a playful and creative flair into the festivities. Unleash the imagination and let the merry competition begin as colleagues showcase their best holiday-inspired looks!

15. Candy Cane Hunt

Embark on a sweet adventure with our Candy Cane Hunt! Transform your office into a festive playground as you hide delightful candy canes throughout the space. Whether solo or in teams, colleagues will eagerly scour every nook, racing against the clock to discover as many candy canes as possible. Unleash holiday cheer, camaraderie, and a sugar rush with this merry scavenger hunt that adds a sprinkle of joy to your workplace festivities!

16. Christmas Pictionary

Get into the festive spirit with the Christmas Pictionary! Transform the classic game into a holiday delight by incorporating Christmas-themed prompts. Watch as colleagues showcase their artistic flair, drawing and guessing merry images that add a lively and spirited touch to your holiday gathering. Unleash the creativity and laughter as you celebrate the season with this festive twist on a beloved party game.

17. Festive Office Decor Contest

Get ready to deck the halls and ignite holiday spirit in the workplace! Join our Festive Office Decor Contest and inspire your colleagues to transform their workspaces into winter wonderlands. From twinkling lights to imaginative themes, let creativity shine. Categories like "Best Use of Lights" and "Most Original Theme" promise friendly competition. Let the festivities begin as we celebrate the season with style and camaraderie!

18. Holiday-Themed Escape Room

Step into the festive magic with our Holiday-Themed Escape Room—an exhilarating twist on the classic adventure. Immerse yourself in yuletide mysteries and collaborate with colleagues to unravel puzzles, unlocking the path to holiday escape. Perfect for your office Christmas party, this immersive experience blends seasonal cheer with team-building excitement, creating lasting memories and fostering camaraderie. Unwrap the joy of problem-solving and celebration in this merry escape room adventure!

19. Christmas Cookie Decorating Station

Transform your office into a festive wonderland with our Christmas Cookie Decorating Station! Elevate team spirit as colleagues gather to customize an array of cookies with vibrant icing and delightful toppings. Spark creativity and camaraderie as everyone indulges their sweet tooth, making this holiday season both delicious and memorable. Unleash the joy of baking and bonding in the workplace.

20. Holiday Board Games Tournament

Get ready for festive fun Christmas Party Games - Holiday Board Games Tournament! Dive into the holiday spirit by bringing out classic board games with a festive twist. From Christmas Monopoly to holiday-themed trivia, enjoy friendly competition and hours of entertainment with colleagues. Embrace the joy of the season as you strategize, laugh, and celebrate together in this spirited tournament. May the best holiday gamer win!

21. Festive Drink Station

Transform your space into a winter wonderland with our Festive Drink Station. Elevate your gatherings by offering a delightful array of seasonal sips, from rich hot cocoa to creamy eggnog and other holiday-inspired beverages. Enhance the experience with a DIY toppings bar, featuring velvety whipped cream, festive sprinkles, and sweet candy canes. Unleash the holiday spirit and create cherished memories with this inviting and customizable beverage haven. Cheers to festive joy!

22. Winter Wonderland Photobook

Step into a mesmerizing world of frost-kissed enchantment with our Winter Wonderland Photobook. Immerse yourself in the magic of snowy landscapes, twinkling lights, and festive cheer. This collection beautifully encapsulates the joy and camaraderie of your office Christmas party. Each page unfolds a story of laughter, warmth, and shared moments, making it the perfect keepsake to relive the magic of your winter celebration for years to come.

23. Holiday Desk Decorating Contest

Spark joy and camaraderie this season with our Holiday Desk Decorating Contest! Elevate your workspace into a festive masterpiece using dazzling decorations, twinkling lights, and holiday-themed flair. Embrace the holiday spirit and encourage creativity as colleagues compete to turn their desks into enchanting winter wonderlands. Unleash your decorating prowess, spread joy, and celebrate the holidays in style. May the most festive desk win!

24. Christmas Wreath-Making Workshop

Immerse yourself in festive creativity at our Christmas Wreath-Making Workshop! Unleash your artistic flair as you gather around with colleagues to craft personalized wreaths using wreath forms, ribbons, and an array of festive decorations. Embrace the holiday spirit and adorn your homes with unique, handcrafted wreaths that capture the essence of the season. Join us for a merry and memorable DIY experience, spreading joy and warmth this festive season.

25. Reindeer Ring Toss Game

Elevate your office Christmas party with the Reindeer Ring Toss Game! Crafted for festive fun, this game features inflatable antlers and rings, transforming your workplace into a jolly arena. Colleagues will be enchanted by the whimsical challenge of landing rings on the antlers, fostering laughter and camaraderie. Unleash the holiday spirit and create lasting memories with this delightful, interactive addition to your seasonal celebrations.

26. DIY Snow Globe Craft Station

Transform your space into a winter wonderland with our DIY Snow Globe Craft Station. Equip your colleagues with all the materials they need to craft their own magical snow globes. This hands-on and personalized activity invites creativity, letting individuals design enchanting winter scenes within charming globes. Unleash the festive spirit and watch as your workspace transforms into a snowy spectacle, fostering camaraderie and joy among colleagues.

27. Festive Scavenger Hunt

Embrace the holiday spirit with our Festive Scavenger Hunt! Elevate your office Christmas party with this engaging activity that combines teamwork, puzzles, and festive cheer. Uncover holiday-themed clues, tackle challenges, and enjoy the thrill of solving puzzles together. It's the perfect blend of adventure and camaraderie, creating unforgettable memories for colleagues. Make this season merrier with a joyous scavenger hunt that adds a playful twist to your festive celebrations!

28. Christmas-Themed Photo Contest

Capture the magic of the season with our Christmas-Themed Photo Contest! Encourage colleagues to showcase their festive spirit through captivating photos. Categories like "Best Group Photo," "Most Creative Pose," and "Most Festive Setting" add excitement. Spark joy, spread cheer, and let the holiday magic shine! Unleash your creativity and make this Christmas memorable with heartwarming snapshots.

29. Snowman Building Contest

Embrace the winter wonder with our Snowman Building Contest! If you're lucky to have a blanket of snow, gather friends, family, or colleagues for a frosty challenge. Teams will vie for the title of most imaginative and festive snowman, sparking teamwork and unleashing creativity. It's a chilly competition that promises frosty fun and memorable moments in the snowy landscape. Let the snow sculpting begin!

30. Holiday Ice Cream Bar

Indulge in the festive spirit with our Holiday Ice Cream Bar, a delightful addition to your office Christmas party. Treat your colleagues to a delectable experience as they create personalized sundaes with a selection of luscious ice cream flavors and a merry array of festive toppings. Elevate the joyous atmosphere with this sweet and interactive celebration centerpiece, bringing smiles and delicious memories to your holiday festivities.

31. Festive Face Painting Station

Transform your office Christmas party with our Festive Face Painting Station! Elevate the holiday spirit as colleagues indulge in a whimsical experience, choosing from an array of festive designs, from adorable reindeer to delicate snowflakes. Our skilled face painters will add a touch of holiday magic, turning your event into a vibrant celebration filled with joy and festive cheer. Book now for a memorable and merry occasion!

32. DIY Christmas Cards

Create lasting memories this holiday season with DIY Christmas cards. Set up a festive station featuring blank cards, vibrant markers, and a variety of embellishments. Encourage colleagues to unleash their creativity, crafting personalized cards that carry a special touch. Whether exchanged within the office or gifted to loved ones, these handcrafted treasures are sure to spread joy and warmth, making this holiday season truly memorable.

33. Holiday Office Olympics

Experience the joy of the season with our Holiday Office Olympics! Engage your team in a delightful array of lighthearted activities like the snowball toss, reindeer races, and the ornament relay. Foster a festive atmosphere and create lasting memories as colleagues come together for spirited competition. It's the perfect blend of team-building and holiday cheer, bringing laughter and camaraderie to your workplace celebration.

34. Festive Dessert Bar

Indulge in the joy of the season with our Festive Dessert Bar! Treat yourself to a delightful array of holiday-themed sweets, featuring scrumptious gingerbread cookies, rich peppermint brownies, and charming festive cupcakes. Elevate your celebrations as colleagues gather to savor these delectable delights, creating a sweet symphony of joy and deliciousness. Unleash the holiday spirit with every bite at our Festive Dessert Bar!

35. Fireside Storytelling

Transform your space into a warm haven with Fireside Storytelling. Set the scene with a faux fireplace, snug blankets, and soft cushions, inviting colleagues to gather and share cherished holiday memories. From festive traditions to spontaneous tales, create a cozy corner where stories come alive, fostering connection and camaraderie. Embrace the warmth of shared narratives, kindling the spirit of togetherness in this heartwarming experience.

36. Christmas Card Exchange

Celebrate the season with our Christmas Card Exchange! Embrace the festive spirit at the workplace by encouraging colleagues to share their favorite holiday cards or exchange greetings. This heartwarming activity creates a joyful atmosphere, fostering connections and spreading goodwill among team members. Embrace the tradition of giving and receiving thoughtful messages, making the holiday season even more special in your workplace.

37. Festive Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

Get ready for the ultimate Festive Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge! Elevate your celebrations by setting up a table adorned with a holiday-themed jigsaw puzzle. Engage colleagues in a delightful collaboration, fostering casual conversations and teamwork. This low-key activity adds a touch of challenge to your festivities, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Embrace the holiday spirit and enhance your celebration with this engaging and entertaining challenge!

38. Festive Themed Playlist

Get ready to jingle all the way with our Festive Themed Playlist! Elevate your office Christmas party with a handpicked blend of timeless carols, modern hits, and spirited instrumentals. Whether you're unwrapping presents or sharing laughter, this curated collection sets the perfect mood. Celebrate the season with joyous melodies that appeal to every ear, making your holiday gathering a harmonious experience for all.

39. Office Christmas Tree Decorating Contest

Get ready to jingle all the way with our Festive Themed Playlist! Elevate your office Christmas party with a handpicked blend of timeless carols, modern hits, and spirited instrumentals. Whether you're unwrapping presents or sharing laughter, this curated collection sets the perfect mood. Celebrate the season with joyous melodies that appeal to every ear, making your holiday gathering a harmonious experience for all.

40. Holiday Book Exchange

Celebrate the joy of the season with a Holiday Book Exchange! Foster a shared love for reading among colleagues by swapping favorite holiday-themed books. This festive twist on gift-giving promotes camaraderie and thoughtful connections. Encourage everyone to bring their cherished reads, creating a literary wonderland where the gift of a good story becomes the ultimate present. Embrace the spirit of giving and sharing stories this holiday season!

41. Festive Hot Chocolate Bar

Indulge in the ultimate winter delight with our Festive Hot Chocolate Bar! Elevate your hot cocoa experience by creating a personalized masterpiece. Choose from a tempting array of toppings, featuring velvety whipped cream, fluffy marshmallows, and an array of delectable flavored syrups. A delightful addition to gatherings or a cozy treat for yourself, our Hot Chocolate Bar ensures warm smiles and unforgettable sips of seasonal joy.

42. Snowflake Crafting Station

Transform your workspace into a winter wonderland with our Snowflake Crafting Station. Equipped with everything needed, it invites colleagues to craft their unique paper snowflakes, fostering creativity and a festive atmosphere. Elevate team spirit as everyone contributes to the office's seasonal charm. Unleash the joy of winter crafting, promoting a sense of unity and personal expression in a delightful, snowflake-filled environment.

43. Festive Puzzle Challenge

Get ready for the ultimate holiday brain-teaser with our Festive Puzzle Challenge! Immerse your office in the spirit of the season by hiding puzzle pieces throughout the workspace. Whether you're a solo solver or prefer team collaboration, this challenge promotes festive fun, camaraderie, and problem-solving skills. Unwrap the joy of piecing together holiday magic and make this season memorable with a dash of friendly competition.

44. Holiday Book Club

Immerse your office in the magic of the season with the Holiday Book Club! Elevate the festive spirit by selecting a heartwarming holiday read for colleagues to enjoy in anticipation of the office Christmas party. Spark lively discussions and camaraderie by hosting a book club session during the event, creating a unique space for colleagues to share their thoughts and insights on the chosen holiday book. Embrace the joy of reading together this holiday season!

45. Santa's Workshop Gift Wrapping Station

Transform your office into a festive wonderland with Santa's Workshop Gift Wrapping Station. Elevate the holiday spirit by setting up a communal wrapping haven adorned with vibrant paper, festive ribbons, and charming tags. Encourage colleagues to bring in their presents and indulge in the joy of wrapping together, creating a spirited and collaborative atmosphere that adds a touch of magic to the season's celebrations.

46. Festive Food Tasting

Indulge in the joy of the season with our Festive Food Tasting event! Immerse yourself in a culinary journey as we set up a delightful tasting station featuring an array of seasonal treats and snacks. From cherished traditional favorites to tantalizing international delicacies, colleagues can savor the flavors of the holidays together. Join us for a delectable celebration of festive feasting and shared culinary experiences that will add a delicious touch to the holiday spirit!

47. New Year's Resolutions Board

Embrace a fresh start with the New Year's Resolutions Board, a creative platform to manifest aspirations for the upcoming year. Transition from holiday festivities as colleagues unite to share goals, fostering optimism and camaraderie. This collaborative board becomes a visual journey, motivating and inspiring everyone to achieve personal and professional milestones in the year ahead. Elevate your team's spirit by turning resolutions into a shared vision for success.


This comprehensive guide to office Christmas party ideas and games offers a wealth of options to make your workplace celebration truly memorable. Whether you opt for traditional festivities or innovative games, the key is to create an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie that resonates with your team. These 47 ideas cater to diverse preferences, ensuring a festive event that suits the unique dynamics of your office. As you embark on planning your celebration, remember that the goal is to foster connections, build team spirit, and spread holiday cheer.

To elevate your office Christmas party experience, consider exploring the services offered by Biagio Events. Our expertise in event planning can turn your vision into reality, ensuring a seamless and delightful celebration for your team. Explore their offerings, including in-house menus and corporate event services. With Biagio Events, you can add a touch of professionalism and creativity to your office Christmas party, making it an event to remember for years to come. Cheers to a festive season filled with laughter, joy, and memorable moments!


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